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Meet Our New Mascot Alex

Hi! I’m Alex, I’m new here at ToyV's. I’ve joined the team as the official toy tester—which is the best because I love playing with toys, especially ones that help me learn new things! I also get to share fun facts with you. Keep your eye out for me on our blogs, newsletters, and social media.

Here’s a little bit more information about me:

Name: Alex

Favourite Food: Alex loves sushi!

Why he loves ToyV's: Alex loves ToyV's because he loves how much he gets to learn through playing with our toys. He’s our toy tester, which means that he gets to try out every toy and share his opinion.

Favourite Toy: Alex’s favourite toy changes regularly. He loves to try new toys—especially ones that teach him new things.

Favourite Subject in School: Alex’s favourite subject is science. He loves to learn about other animals, as well as plants, planets, and even humans!

Favourite Sport: Alex loves to swim! He can even hold his breath for 20 minutes under water!

Personality traits: Alex is kind, and he loves to share fun facts with anyone who will listen!

Life Goals: When Alex grows up, he wants to be a doctor so he can help other penguins who get hurt.

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What does STEM mean?

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—when it comes to toys, STEM toys are focused on learning, creativity, and developing skills that can be applied in real life situations. At ToyVs, our mission is to help kids learn through fun and have fun while learning. We do this through creating a space in which learning and fun go hand in hand.

When children play with STEM toys, they are developing their problem-solving skills, learning how to experiment, and more! We love what the AU School of Education wrote, “When you consider that the skills that STEM toys aim to develop—creativity, logic, problem solving, experimentation, and collaboration— are skills that will help your child succeed in all types of academic and professional pursuits, in STEM and beyond, it’s hard to lose.”

If STEM is focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics does that mean it’s only for older children who are already learning these things in school? Nope! The term STEM may seem intimidating as you consider what toys your baby or toddler may enjoy, but the basic premise still relates to them! Even babies can begin problem solving and learning creativity. STEM games, toys, and activities can help a child learn and grow as they discover the world—no matter what age they are.

STEM learning is the way of the future. As our world is constantly progressing with technology, it is incredibly beneficial to start fostering and nurturing a curiosity in children so that they can continue to develop skills that will benefit them in the future.

What better way to learn than through toys?
Find hundreds of STEM toys for all ages in our store and on our website.

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We're so proud to share our first in-store event with you!
A magician came to visit us in December for holidays and we were blown away by his magic – turning a 10 into a 50 EURO bill!

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Sophisticated Construction in the Municipality of Hove and Toys in the City of Mortsel

sophisticated Construction in the Municipality of Hove and Toys in the City of Mortsel: two new businesses and two driven entrepreneurs. Good luck!

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New toy store for those who love building and technology

I have opened a toy shop with Toyvs in the Pieter Reypenslei of Mortsel. And it is located at Antwerp. “I focus on toys that involve building, technology, development and mathematics,”

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